Dear Artist,

I am very proud to award you with the International Casanova Award - Arts Lover.

The Prize is for the Artists that are worth for their artistic merit.

You will be awarded on September 17th, 2016, inside the  Flangini Palace in Venice.

It is one of the most prestigious art awards awarded in the heart of Venice.

Important celebrities from the world of culture will be present at the ceremony  and the talented artists will be awarded with an important prize for their careers.

Venice is considered one of the most beautiful cities of the world and with its ancient palaces, the churches, the typical bridges and the large number of museums, is the proof of an immortal artistic richness. Venice is synonymous of art, and for this reason has been chosen for the event “Venice in art - Casanova Award”, an important international prize that will take place to Flangini Palace, a building of XVII century.

The heart of Venice is San Marco Square, the most elegant city centre in Europe, a square surrounded by the majestic bell tower and the beautiful church, Ducale Palace and Clock Tower.


The award will be given to those artists who everyday respect their commitment with art, with dedication and passion.

Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, (1725 - 1798), is maybe one of the most famous Venetian men all over the world. Writer, poet, diplomat, philosopher and arts lover. Several artists and directors took inspiration from his adventurous life, as Salvador Dalì and the Oscar awarded director Federico Fellini, in the movie “Casanova”.