My work will be shown on this famous place.


The Triennal

The project counts on the collaboration of professional figures from the world of art and culture. The Artistic Direction is given to Sandro Serradifalco. The ‘’Triennale Italia’’  will include different sections dedicated to the most important artistic disciplines: painting, sculpture, graphic, photography and design. For each section will be selected some of the most influential contemporary exponents from Italy and abroad. 


Verona the “scaligera’’ city (from the name of the family Scala who reigned over it) is an important touristic destination, visited every year from more than three millions of visitors thanks to its artistic and architectural heritage, and for the several international events that it hosts. The city has been declared UNESCO Human Heritage also for its city planning and buildings; Verona is the real example of a city developped step by step with no rest for two thousands years, adding and preserving artistic elements from different ages. The Verona Fair It is an important expositive area  that was born on 1898 and still an international institution. The fair is placed into the VeronaFiere complex, an area of 350,000 m², 122.000 m² of which are divided into twelve pavilion and hosts more than 1.100.000 visitors per year, also from abroad.